The Pack Leader

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I would never let the Dog Whisperer know this but my 5.5 lb. Yorkie is the pack leader in our house. Oh, he acts like he’s not the alpha dog, but it is just to spare us the humiliation. He has trained us to obey all his commands (going out to check the rabbits at 4:00 a.m., barking at the front door when no one is there) but the most important one is making sure my husband and I are in the same room. It is very important to Dewey that the pack be together. If I am in the office and my husband is in the family room, Dewey will bark and whine at me until I get up and go in the family room. At night when I’m doing my night-owl stuff, he sits at the bottom of the stairs and makes annoying noises until I go upstairs. This can go on indefinitely. He always wins. He cannot go to sleep until the pack is bedded down for the night. “Oh, how cute,” you might say but he is as fickle as they come. If any of our kids come home and spend the night, we are dead to him–and we’d better not disturb him when he is curled up on their bed.


How to Have Fun

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I decided to write my blog on how to have fun but quickly found there’s a lot of very un-fun advice about how to have fun. I couldn’t find a picture that showed what I thought having fun looked like, except this one where the girl is in a creek with her clothes on–the fun part being that she is wearing clothes. That is definitely more fun that being in your swim suit because clothes are not something that you’re supposed to have on in the water. The second fun thing is that she is next to some slippery rocks and may even be sitting in a little pool where the water is rushing by. I bet she started out just by getting her feet wet–also fun when you aren’t supposed to be in the water at all.  All the rest of the pictures of people having fun didn’t look like fun although there was a lot of water involved. They all looked like they were supposed to be having fun but I could tell they weren’t. I just heard from my daughter-in-law that my 13 month-old grandson was dancing to Mickey Mouse with one finger in his belly-button and his other finger waving in the air. Unfortunately, no picture but that definitely also sounds like fun. Perhaps I shall try wearing my clothes in the river while dancing to Mickey Mouse with my finger in my belly button. I will give you a head’s up if it’s fun. If not, I’d never admit it but instead would urge you to go out and try it. Watching that would definitely be fun.

Life is Just Too Short to be Unproductive

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Soooo–what are you doing this weekend? I have a lot of plans–the thought of which exhausts me–which is why I will deliberately pace myself. I start by getting a really, really good night’s sleep, waking up about 10:00. This calls for coffee, a bagel with strawberry creme cheese and thorough reading of the paper. I don’t get to read the paper in the morning during the week so it is important to do it before my busy day starts. Paper read, including the classifieds, it is time for lunch because I don’t want to start on the basement only to stop in a half hour to eat. Wow! Lunch really made me groggy–a short nap will give me that boost I need–there willll still be plenty of time to do the basement and the garage before we go to the movies–last reduced-price ticket is at 4:00. On my way to the basement I look at the time-yikes, I really do need to get changed for the movies since I am still in what can loosely be called my pajamas (from the French, “paja,” meaning “unwashed.”) . It’s all good, though; since I’m really a night owl, I’ll get to the basement after the movies. So, that’s how my weekend rolls. Packed. Non-stop. Unrelenting. Rather than bore you with Sunday’s plans, just suffice it to say, I am crazy busy. I hope your weekend isn’t as unforgiving as mine. Go easy and stay safe. Life is just too short to be unproductive. Take it from someone who knows……

Me, as seen by myself


Me, as seen by my family.

Conscious Living

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I tried two new recipes this last week that were dreadful. One was my own and one was someone else’s. My husband and I managed to get them down but the rest went into the trash which is really absurd because while the food was on my plate I felt I had to eat it, but if it was in the pan, I could throw it away! But you know what was good about it? I tried something new. I suspended judgment and just went for it. Sometimes it’s good to be in a rut and sometimes it isn’t. I was fully engaged while I was cooking and felt a little more alive. I know, I know…it’s just a couple of recipes but sometimes that is exactly what we need–a change-up in some routine that makes us pay more attention to our everyday lives–lives which are often lived on auto-pilot. Maybe it’s taking another way home or buying a different brand of motor oil or watching a different news channel; sometimes just a little thing will do. It’s called conscious living and reminds us how many opportunities for deeper living each day offers us and what a gift each day is.

You’re Just Supposed to Listen

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You’re Just Supposed to Listen

Once when my daughter was about six, she had been playing with some older girls who were being “mean” to her. She came in, as she often did, crying. As she stood there taking in deep gulps of air between sobs, I said what I had said many times. “Now honey, I’ve told you before, these girls are older and they are not good for you to play with. If you keep playing with them, you’re just going to get hurt.”  She stomped up the stairs and then stopped, turned around and put her little hands on her hips. Then she said angrily, “Don’t you know you’re just supposed to listen?” I have never forgotten that. She needed comfort and I gave her a lecture. She already knew what I was going to say–and that’s not what her little soul needed.  Next time someone is angry or upset, remember: You’re just supposed to listen.


Join Terry as guest panelist on this teleclass

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