Are you content?

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I think women have a sense they could or should be happier–that their life, ‘though adequate by previous decades’ expectations, is not the wonderful, fabulous life they have been promised. Its like getting to the top of the mountain and after taking the in the view, saying, “Okay–now what?” Climb down and get back to work–whatever work is. The bar keeps moving up for women, down for men. Men are being told to relax, quit chasing the corporate gold ring, get in touch with themselves, enjoy their children and grandchildren. Women are given the message that unless they are deeply happy within themselves, they’ve missed something.

Happiness and contentment are two sides of the same coin but contentment is seldom mentioned. Not everyone is going to be famous or rich. Are you happy with your life as it is? Especially if you are in process — like going back to school or learning to do carpentry or taking on an extra duty at work or at your place of worship. As you are living your life, right now, are you content? That is the real question.

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