Be glad every day you wake up

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One day, without any warning, I was overcome with an addiction. Because I can’t get my work done, I thought going public with my secret would help. I discovered the Eagles of Hornby Island, ( two of whom nest on Doug Carrick’s property. Working with wildlife officials, Doug placed a number of cameras in and around the eagle’s nest and, except when it is dark, the eagles are on camera. Currently there is a month-old eaglet named Phoenix that has been on camera since the day he hatched. This is where my times goes–eyes fixated on my computer, watching in awe as mom and dad know exactly when it’s time to bring fish to the nest, agog as the eaglet eat huge amounts of fish–and an opossum–and grows visibly by the hour.

It would never occur to Phoenix–if he were to be able to think–that food wouldn’t be there when he is hungry. He plays with sticks, his parents’ claws, sleeps and eats. How wonderful if our life was that easy–but it isn’t. And we were never promised it would be easy. That is the stuff of fairy tales. Our lives are real and with reality, comes, good and bad, ups and downs, happy and sad. There is nothing wrong with you if your life has problems! No one’s life goes smoothly all the time. If your problems are stubborn or hurtful get help. Be glad every day you wake up–and if you need help, it is out there…unless you’re hooked on the Hornby Island Eagles.

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