The simplest way to enjoy your life.

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The simplest way to enjoy your life is to be present in the moment. Do you know what that means, really? It means to realize what you’re doing.  Right now, I want you to stop, take a deep breath and breathe out slowly. Look around–are you in your office, in your home office, waiting for an airplane or your child to get finished with soccer or to start your shift at work?  First realize you are alive and that this moment, the one you’re in right now, is your life. Don’t rush to get through it–this moment counts–maybe not as much as other moments, but it counts. You won’t be able to do this all the time but when you do, you are enjoying your life–even if you are about to do something you don’t like–you are acknowledging your life.  It won’t seem to slip by as fast because you can stop time just for a few seconds……and enjoy your life.

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