Yes, You, Too, Can Be Like Indiana Jones

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Yes, You, Too, Can Be Like Indiana Jones. If there is anyone who handles stress well, it is Indiana Jones. Just like Jones, recognizing stress in the moment is the best time to de-stress. We say resignedly, “What a crappy day,”  as though we’re helpless against negative circumstances. Unlike Jones, if there is nothing you can do in the moment, deal with it as best as you can but remind yourself that one incident does not a bad day make. React positively as soon as you are aware of it. Take a breath. Call a friend. Pray. Ask yourself if it will matter a hundred years from now. Laugh if you can. Luckily for you, it’s probably not life and death. Let the pressure remind you that it is possible to de-stress because ultimately you can choose…and you can choose wisely.

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