Those $400 Jeans… Self Esteem?

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My husband takes The New York Times just so he can do the crossword. I was looking through their fashion magazine last night and found myself feeling incredibly sad. I used to feel out of it when I realized I wasn’t even close to being in fashion but last night I felt sorry for all those people dressed in the “latest.” They looked ridiculous!  If I, or anyone else I know, wore any of the clothes featured, we’d have kids and dogs following us down the street laughing and sniffing. It feels good to know what I like, what looks good and not have to pitch clothes because they’re “out” this year. I can’t imagine spending money on $400 jeans or a $2500 purse. I don’t need those things to be loved or liked. Fashion is fine but it can’t make you something you’re not. Dressing well helps us feel good but dressing to impress takes us down that treacherous and destructive path of comparing ourselves to others. Being who you are is the secret to loving yourself and loving your life.

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