Self-esteem is a myth! Self worth is real.

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Self-esteem is a myth! Self worth is real. What’s the difference? The difference is the hype that our culture has promoted as self-esteem.

For instance, you make a mistake—you feel bad. That’s not poor self-esteem—that’s being human. A real mistake is something you either did without understanding the consequences or not having the correct information. After you’re done feeling bad or stupid for a few minutes, then get back in the saddle and figure out what you need to do next.

However, if you willfully did something you knew you were not supposed to do, this is not a mistake. It is a willful decision to do the wrong thing. This is not something you ponder for a minute or two and move on. This is a biggie. This is about character. This is something you need to sit with for awhile and think through your intentions—greed, impatience, anger??? Once you have come to terms with why you did what you did, the next step is to decide what you need to do next. Sometimes it’s nothing; sometimes it’s a phone call to someone or an apology.

If you do something intentionally wrong and call it a mistake, then I guarantee that you will not feel good about yourself. Honesty is the tap root of integrity. Integrity is the basis of good self-worth. Have a grounded weekend. Peace.

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