Weddings do much more than join two people

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For those of you who have been faithfully checking my blog–I thank you.

I am back from knee replacement surgery and ready to share all the thoughts I’ve had–well, not all of them. Even I have standards!

I performed a wedding ceremony earlier this summer and realised that weddings are God’s way of showing us that real love is out there.  Of course we know the bride and groom are floating in a romantic haze but I am talking about the other kind of love, the kind we sometimes give up on.

Friends and family reunite at weddings, putting old hurts behind them. People start right up like they had just seen each other the week before…instead of the ten years that have passed since they last talked.

Weddings confirm that families stay connected. Old friends are still young in each other’s eyes as they dance to songs popular when they were new in the world. They sing “I Will Survive” with as much gusto as they did after their first real break-up. All around are little stories playing out, singles wondering when they will meet their partner, the couple newly in love, blushing at the thought that next time they might be the ones making their vows, the couple who’s been married awhile, wistful as they remember their own day in the limelight. Weddings do much more than just join two people–they affirm us and remind us that there really is a place for us amid friends and family in this big world.
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