Conscious Living

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I tried two new recipes this last week that were dreadful. One was my own and one was someone else’s. My husband and I managed to get them down but the rest went into the trash which is really absurd because while the food was on my plate I felt I had to eat it, but if it was in the pan, I could throw it away! But you know what was good about it? I tried something new. I suspended judgment and just went for it. Sometimes it’s good to be in a rut and sometimes it isn’t. I was fully engaged while I was cooking and felt a little more alive. I know, I know…it’s just a couple of recipes but sometimes that is exactly what we need–a change-up in some routine that makes us pay more attention to our everyday lives–lives which are often lived on auto-pilot. Maybe it’s taking another way home or buying a different brand of motor oil or watching a different news channel; sometimes just a little thing will do. It’s called conscious living and reminds us how many opportunities for deeper living each day offers us and what a gift each day is.

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