How to Have Fun

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I decided to write my blog on how to have fun but quickly found there’s a lot of very un-fun advice about how to have fun. I couldn’t find a picture that showed what I thought having fun looked like, except this one where the girl is in a creek with her clothes on–the fun part being that she is wearing clothes. That is definitely more fun that being in your swim suit because clothes are not something that you’re supposed to have on in the water. The second fun thing is that she is next to some slippery rocks and may even be sitting in a little pool where the water is rushing by. I bet she started out just by getting her feet wet–also fun when you aren’t supposed to be in the water at all.  All the rest of the pictures of people having fun didn’t look like fun although there was a lot of water involved. They all looked like they were supposed to be having fun but I could tell they weren’t. I just heard from my daughter-in-law that my 13 month-old grandson was dancing to Mickey Mouse with one finger in his belly-button and his other finger waving in the air. Unfortunately, no picture but that definitely also sounds like fun. Perhaps I shall try wearing my clothes in the river while dancing to Mickey Mouse with my finger in my belly button. I will give you a head’s up if it’s fun. If not, I’d never admit it but instead would urge you to go out and try it. Watching that would definitely be fun.

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