I love my life even when I’m in pain…

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The past week I have been recovering from knee replacement surgery. It has been a humbling process. I have been dependent on other people…nurses, aides and especially my husband, to do very basic things for me. Most women I know feel uncomfortable when they are waited on because we are used to being the ones who do things for others. These weeks of recovery, I am reminding myself that I have taken care of others for years and that I can receive from others without feeling guilty. But even if I hadn’t cared for a single other person, I still deserve help because I am a person who needs it.

My dog, Dewey, has even understood I need extra care because he has been spending all of his sleeping time on my lap, giving me extra licks to keep me ahead of the pain. There is much to be grateful for and happy about, even when something is throbbing. I love my life even when I’m in pain…and I urge you to find all you can to love about your life too.

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