Life is Just Too Short to be Unproductive

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Soooo–what are you doing this weekend? I have a lot of plans–the thought of which exhausts me–which is why I will deliberately pace myself. I start by getting a really, really good night’s sleep, waking up about 10:00. This calls for coffee, a bagel with strawberry creme cheese and thorough reading of the paper. I don’t get to read the paper in the morning during the week so it is important to do it before my busy day starts. Paper read, including the classifieds, it is time for lunch because I don’t want to start on the basement only to stop in a half hour to eat. Wow! Lunch really made me groggy–a short nap will give me that boost I need–there willll still be plenty of time to do the basement and the garage before we go to the movies–last reduced-price ticket is at 4:00. On my way to the basement I look at the time-yikes, I really do need to get changed for the movies since I am still in what can loosely be called my pajamas (from the French, “paja,” meaning “unwashed.”) . It’s all good, though; since I’m really a night owl, I’ll get to the basement after the movies. So, that’s how my weekend rolls. Packed. Non-stop. Unrelenting. Rather than bore you with Sunday’s plans, just suffice it to say, I am crazy busy. I hope your weekend isn’t as unforgiving as mine. Go easy and stay safe. Life is just too short to be unproductive. Take it from someone who knows……

Me, as seen by myself


Me, as seen by my family.

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