The Pack Leader

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I would never let the Dog Whisperer know this but my 5.5 lb. Yorkie is the pack leader in our house. Oh, he acts like he’s not the alpha dog, but it is just to spare us the humiliation. He has trained us to obey all his commands (going out to check the rabbits at 4:00 a.m., barking at the front door when no one is there) but the most important one is making sure my husband and I are in the same room. It is very important to Dewey that the pack be together. If I am in the office and my husband is in the family room, Dewey will bark and whine at me until I get up and go in the family room. At night when I’m doing my night-owl stuff, he sits at the bottom of the stairs and makes annoying noises until I go upstairs. This can go on indefinitely. He always wins. He cannot go to sleep until the pack is bedded down for the night. “Oh, how cute,” you might say but he is as fickle as they come. If any of our kids come home and spend the night, we are dead to him–and we’d better not disturb him when he is curled up on their bed.


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